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Global Bonding through Physics

About PhysiCo

International Physics Competition – PhysiCo is an Olympiad style competition intended for interested secondary and high school students. It aims to provide a unique competitive platform to identify and reward young talents. The emphasis of PhysiCo questions is mostly on critical thinking and application of basic concepts to problem solving, rather than depth of knowledge alone. Hence, a student who is doing well in science should be able to solve at least half of the problems without special training. All participants are provided with individualized and detailed assessment reports to support their targeted learning. As a result, it helps a teacher to evaluate student’s understanding of the science topics, mastery of knowledge and power of reasoning.

  • To provide talented students with a unique platform, where they can compete globally.
  • To provide individualized comprehensive assessment of the theoretical knowledge, its application and analytical skills.
  • To recognize and reward best students and cultivate academic excellence in science.

PhysiCo is open to any secondary and high school student. All students take the same exam. However, students compete and get assessed in two separate categories.

  • Junior category: Grade 8, 9 and 10
  • Senior category: Grade 11 and 12

PhysiCo is a 90-minute online competition, comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions. Students are NOT penalized for wrong answers.

The questions only require knowledge of general secondary school physics syllabus. Core concepts tested are

  • Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Oscillations and Waves
  • Modern Physics
  • Advanced Topics

Most questions are designed by putting emphasis on application of core concepts and logical and analytical thinking rather than knowledge alone in order to allow equal opportunities for all students. Sufficient guidance is included in the questions covering advanced topics. Please find PhysiCo past year booklets in the Downloads Section

The exam will be held on one of the days from 10 April (Friday) to 19 April (Sunday) 2020 to be decided by the country coordinator and approved by the PhysiCo organizers.

The competition is conducted online and organized by PhysiCo appointed country coordinator in respective countries. All school/institution coordinators shall cooperate with respective country coordinators to ensure smooth organization of PhysiCo.

Country coordinator is responsible for

·         Timely and effective communication with PhysiCo organizing committee

·         Outreach to schools and promotion of PhysiCo

·         Registration of students and fee collection

·         Provision of support to school/institution coordinators

·         Sending official award certificates to schools 

School/Institution coordinator is responsible for

·         Outreach to students

·         Sending the list of students to country coordinator

·         Collecting and sending payment to country coordinator

·         Organizing IT facilities suitable for taking online competition on the school premises

·         Important! Ensure stable internet connection

             ·         Invigilation ensuring integrity of the exam

  • Each student will receive Individualized Assessment Report (IAS).
  • All students will receive certificates of participation.
  • Top students will be awarded distinction certificates of Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mention.
  • Shows overall ranking and assessment of student within respective category.
  • Shows mastery of student’s topical understanding compared to peers.
  • Shows prowess of student’s skills in terms of knowledge, application and analysis. 


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1TajikistanIzatullo YusufovGold
2KazakhstanAdem TaiyrGold
3KazakhstanSaifulla YerlenGold
4KazakhstanMyrzabayuly ImangaliGold
5IndonesiaZamrori Sudi MaulanaGold
6AzerbaijanAyhan SuleymanzadeGold
7KyrgyzstanNurtai SaadabaevGold
8KazakhstanAibek BekbergenGold
9TajikistanAbdullojon YusupovSilver
10SingaporeCherilynn YeoSilver
11ThailandPanupong VongsavanitkitSilver
12AzerbaijanNahid AliyevSilver
13KazakhstanAssylkhan KenzhebekSilver
14AzerbaijanSiraj YahyazadeSilver
15TajikistanShohrukh RaufovSilver
16KyrgyzstanKulukeev AlmazSilver
17KazakhstanSamat YelamanSilver
18AzerbaijanTamerlan AghayevSilver
19MongoliaSolongo SergelenSilver
20TajikistanRustam DavlatjonovSilver
21MongoliaNomin PurevsurenSilver
22AzerbaijanAykhan JafarliSilver
23KazakhstanUksukbayev TimurSilver
24MongoliaJantsandorj BatsukhSilver
25MongoliaByambadorj BayanmunkhSilver
26SingaporeSong Chu JunSilver
27SingaporeChen Yujin Silver
28MongoliaAdilsuvd ErdenesuvdSilver
29MongoliaErdenegarig BatsaikhanSilver
30SingaporeLim Ying Xin Cristal Silver
31IndonesiaZulfan Andria PutrantoBronze
32KyrgyzstanSaule MukambetovaBronze
33MyanmarGautam MakhejaBronze
34SingaporeEmily Young HuishanBronze
35NigeriaAbdulwakil Abdulkadir OlayinkaBronze
36SingaporeJolie GohBronze
37KazakhstanOtep OlzhasBronze
38KyrgyzstanGuliza ToktobaevaBronze
39KyrgyzstanAsylbek Kyzy Astra Bronze
40KyrgyzstanMirfayziev AbdurahmonBronze
41MongoliaBatjargal ErdenebatBronze
42ThailandChutipon KanjaBronze
43SingaporeWong Zhi YingBronze
44SingaporeManjarekar Vaibhavi RajeshBronze
45KyrgyzstanAliia KendirbaevaBronze
46KyrgyzstanErkinbek Uulu DastanBronze
47IndonesiaMuhammad Abditya ArghanieBronze
48MongoliaAltay GantumurBronze
49NigeriaSharafudeen Opeyemi IbrahimBronze
50SingaporeTia Shi TingBronze
51KazakhstanSerikkaly BeibarysBronze
52SingaporeLoh Yu Tong Bronze
53SingaporeLoke Rui Ning RachelBronze
54SingaporePun En Xin Bronze
55KyrgyzstanAida AskaralievaBronze
56KyrgyzstanNiyaz ZhusupbekovBronze
57KyrgyzstanZhaparov NursultanBronze
58SingaporeHo Jia Wen Jane Bronze
59KyrgyzstanAziza AbdyrazakovaBronze
60KyrgyzstanErmek SalibraimovBronze
61KyrgyzstanSozonbaev AktilekBronze
62MalawiTakondwa Arthur KalongaBronze
63KyrgyzstanSaliha KylychbekovaHonourable Mention
64NigeriaHadilu Muhammad AbubakarHonourable Mention
65NigeriaAbdulmalik Adavuruku IdrisHonourable Mention
66ThailandPornapat YindeesupHonourable Mention
67MongoliaYushin ChoiHonourable Mention
68UkraineIsa NafieievHonourable Mention
69MalawiAzaria Chidzunau TendayiHonourable Mention
70ThailandPoohrich InkaewHonourable Mention
71UkraineArtem IerniiazovHonourable Mention
72CambodiaEva Darita TatHonourable Mention

Best of PhysiCo


Country Best


Isa Nafieiev


Panupong Vongsavanitkit


Gautam Makheja


Izatullo Yusufov (2019)

Sabina Abdurahmonova (2018)


Adem Taiyr (2019)

Rinat Zhumadil (2018)


Zamrori Sudi Maulana (2019)

Harits (2018)


Ayhan Suleymanzade (2019)

Mahammadjan Mahammadjanov (2018)


Cherilynn Yeo (2019)

Zhang Zishuo (2018)


Nurtai Saadabaev (2019)

Sanzhar Urmatbekov (2018)


Solongo Sergelen (2019)

Mendsaikhan Munkhbat (2018)


Abdulwakil Abdulkadir Olayinka (2019)

Babalola Ismail Eniola (2018)


Musabaev Osman

South Africa

Nishen Lukhun 


Iftekhar Mahmud Ratul


Luckphanomphone Sinuanphao


Eva Darita Tat (2019)

Rayounette Chhay (2018)


Takondwa Arthur Kalonga (2019)

Maranatha Juma (2018)


Bui Minh Quang

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